Ruby Balloon Floating over Norfolk

How To Get Involved

Some of the Club If you would like to take up ballooning with the Ruby Balloon, all you need to do is to contact us and we can see if we can arrange it.

It might be nice to chat to someone about what we do before coming along. Feel free to call us for a more information, we can even oraganise it for you to come along to the launch-site and see if you still like the idea of flying in a basket under an inflated wind-bag.

Remember flights are normally only planned five or six days in advance and can also be called at fairly short notice if the weather turns favourable so you need to be flexible in your arrangements and be able to get yourself to the launch-site.

Download a Document

A Bit Of Ballooning History

Balloon Construction

Safety Briefing and General Briefing Document

Tips On Enjoying A Hot-Air Balloon Flight

Weather you can fly :-)