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Forgotten Admin Password

Forgotten Admin Password
Sometimes OSC just wont let you log in.

If you have htaccess security installed try deleting all cookies,closing all browsers and then start up a browser and try to log in again.

Apart from that, there are possibly 2 admin passwords which you could need, one called the htaccess password, which is entered on a pop-up screen and the other is the normal shop admin password.


to recover this one, talk to your hosting helpdesk and ask how to reset the "htaccess password" on the admin directory or how to change the password for a user on a password protected directory.

You will need to know what the admin directory is called. Normally it starts off being called admin but most people rename it. But if you look at the url you normally go to to log in it is at the end.

There is normally an option in the host control panel called something along the lines of "Password Protect Directories" which you could try to use but if you have no luck your host help desk should guide you on how to do this.

Failing that you can edit the .htaccess file in your admin directory and remove the security entries section.

Shop Admin Password

A list of users and their admin passwords is held in the mysql database in a table called Administrators.

If you log in to your hosting control panel and start phpmyadmin. Once again, if you can't find this ask your hosting help desk.

Then select the db you are using and this normally gives you a list of all the tables in the db.

Find the Administrators table and use the option available to "Truncate" it or "Empty" it.

Now go back to your log on screen and when you try to log on you will be asked for a user name and password.

When you have entered this info you will have to log in again and then you will be able to get into your shop admin.

Don't forget to set up admin passwords for anyone else that used to have access as you got rid of all the administrators when you truncated the administrators table.

I have found situations where this does not work and truncating the administrators and the action-recorder table as well seems to do the trick.

If that does not work truncate those 2 tables again and follow the instructions for Messed up .htaccess.

Why I have yet to work out, but there you go.

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